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Crypto news

The wave of losses controlling cryptocurrency trading widened during these moments of trading, on Thursday to push the crypto market back to January 2021 levels.

A violent wave of declines hit the cryptocurrency market, after Bitcoin rushed near $ 18 thousand as Etherium headed for $ 900.

Market losses:

The market value of cryptocurrencies fell to its lowest levels in a year and a half and set January 1, 2021, after falling below $ 900 billion.

In a few hours, the cryptocurrency market lost nearly $100 billion as the market value of cryptocurrencies plummeted to near $850 billion.


At the same time, the largest cryptocurrency that fell below the significant support levels of $ 18 thousand briefly escalated.

Bitcoin is now fluctuating between $20.35,000 and $18.745,91 during Thursday’s trade.

Bitcoin lost 8% in a week as it traded near its lowest in a year and a half, while its market value fell to $360 billion during these moments of trading on Thursday.

Bitcoin is down 40% in one month and 50% in two months as it heads for the worst quarterly losses, which are close to 60%, amid a pessimistic forecast of a further collapse in prices.

Market Now:

Binance coin BNB/USD fell 6% to near $200 levels to rise its losses in the second quarter to 50%, while Ripple fell 7% to $0.3 and quarterly losses 62%, and Cardano fell 8% to rise to 65% in the second quarter.

Solana is now down 10% and 15% in a week, while losing 33% in June and falling 75% in the second quarter, while 82% has fallen since the beginning of this year 2022.

Dogcoin fell 4%, Polkadot fell 7%, Tron TRX/USD 3%, Shipa Inu SHIB/USD 1%, and Bitcoin WBTC/USD 5% and Avalanche AVAX/USD 10%.

The article does not express a recommendation or a nomination, but merely monitors market volatility, as trading in cryptocurrencies carries high risks including the risk of losing some or all of the investment amount, which is not entirely subject to financial bodies and markets.

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