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The amount of uncertainty in the crypto market has been going on for the previous month, leaving new investors with an immense amount of anxiety and experienced ones skeptical.

The price of BTC has been stuck between 21k$ and 24k$, and the RSI indicator which is used to know the buy and sell momentum is stuck in the 50% market, we asked some experienced traders and they said it is now a game of patience and they advised against entering the market in its current state.

We ask our readers to remain calm and hold their stablecoins as the market is going sideways, and a sideways market is the most dangerous as we have no idea where it’s heading next.

The next few days will be decisive, some investors predict another major drop in the BTC price and then a bounce to a new all time high, other investors disagree and claimed that Bitcoin has already bottomed and it will now break the resistance mark at 24k and head towards a new ATH.

One thing is for sure: it is a matter of time before we see another bull run in the crypto space, and it’s getting closer every day.

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