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If you have been in the realm of crypto for any amount of time you must have heard about CoinMarketCap, crypto traders and regular people use the website to find information about a certain coin.

The site was founded by Brandon Chez in may of 2013, It quickly blew up and became the most trusted source of information for anyone looking for anything crypto.

In today’s blog we will talk about how to use that website.

market coin

Photo by Pierre Borthiry on Unsplash

The main page:

When you first go to :  you will see this

coinmarketcap  platform

On the top we get some Miscellaneous information about crypto’s last 24h volume, total market cap and much more. You also have the option to change the language, change the currency and toggle night mode.

Below it there is a section containing some featured videos and blog posts, under it there is the highlight section that can be turned on and off.

If you scroll by one view height you will see a list of cryptocurrency with tons of information, the information include the number of the currency, the name, 24h movement, 7 days movement, market cap, volume 24h, circulating supply, chart.

Note that you have the ability to change the information displayed by clicking the customize button.

coins list

You also have the option to use filters as well as choosing how many coins are displayed.

This is it for the main page, we shall now demonstrate how to get information about a certain coin.

In this blog we will take Bitcoin as an example.

bitcoin price

The first section is divided to 3 virtual squares 


Let’s discuss the first one starting from left to right

We have the coin’s name, its rank, whether it’s a coin or a token, on how many wish lists it’s present.

Below we may see the coin’s official website, it’s explores (you can read about these on a separate blog, but mainly they are tools that allow you to see transaction on a certain blockchain), a community hoverable button that includes social media links, the coin’s source code and it’s whitepaper.

Beneath it there are tags

The second square has the price of the coin, a percentage that shows whether the coin went up or down and by how much.

Since we choose to go with bitcoin for this blog you will see the exchange rate of bitcoin against ETH, if we choose another coin other than ETH or BTC you will see the exchange rate of that coin against both BTC and ETH.

Beneath that section we have the lowest and highest price that the coin hit in the last 24h (this value can be changed by clicking the down arrow of the small blue square).

The Third square shows the last 24h volume and the circulating volume.

Scroll by one view height and you shall find the chart, the chart is highly customizable and is equipped with all trading tools and indicators, you have the ability to change the time frame as well.

bitcoin chart

On the right hand side of the screen you have the ability to share your opinion about the coin, you are also able to see what people are talking about that coin in the community chat.

Under this section there is the news section containing recent blog posts and videos about the coin you’re viewing.

bitcoin news

That concludes out tutorial, CoinMarketCap is very easy to use even if you get overwhelmed the first time you visit the website you will get used to it by practice. 

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