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There are multiple ways to get your hands on cryptocurrency, some safer than others, on today’s blog we are going to discuss the common ways of obtaining cryptocurrency.

You may get crypto from:

1 – An Exchange:

Exchanges are platforms on which sellers and buyers meet and exchange crypto to fiat currency with relatively low fees, a good example of this is binance’s P2P.

This is the most beginner friendly method and the safest as far as we know.

2 – A friend or someone who has crypto:

You may go to one of your friends who you know has crypto and ask him to sell you some in exchange for fiat.

This may be the most private way to buy crypto if you buy with cash instead of bank transfer.

3 – A wallet:

Buying crypto from something like coinbase or blockchain wallet is one of the best methods to get crypto, you basically use your bank card to buy currency same way you buy goods from amazon and ebay.


Not all banks support cryptocurrency, some will block your card the moment you press the buy button so you may want to check with your bank before doing this.


There are tons of ways to get crypto,  be sure to choose the one you’re comfortable with and the one that is more secure in your opinion.After you finish reading this blog you may want to know how to store your crypto.

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