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We have seen in part one of this blog series, how to choose your hardware to build your first mining rig.

Without wasting time let’s dive right in

The Operating system

Obviously you need something that lets you communicate with your hardware and for this you need a reliable system, you have the choice between a linux distro or windows, Hackintosh are not recommended for this one as it’s very risky to run a system on potentially unsupported hardware.

Since everyone is familiar with windows we decided not to go in detail about it, however we compiled a list of some Linux distributions that you can run out of the box

Of course we are not going to mention mainstream distros as those are for general use, they can be modified to do anything but we decided to go with “mining” distros

PimpOS – best hardware support.

RaveOS – a budget distro for mining crypto.

HiveOS – Best overall mining OS, it has a free tier.

Now that we finished talking about the operating system let’s talk about mining software

What software to use for Mining?

For the mining software you will have to do your own research about the specific coin you’re going to mine, we will mention 3 softwares for mining Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero:


CGMiner is the professional’s choice for mining bitcoin, written in the C programming language the software is open source and available on all desktop platforms, however it has the drawback of not having a GUI so you will have to use the Terminal on linux (which is not a problem if you’re already using Linux) or CMD on Windows.


Ethermine is a GPU mining software that can mine any coin that is based on ethash proof of work coin the list include but is not limited to Ethereum Classic, Metaverse, Musicoin, Ellaism, Pirl, Expanse.


XMRig is a mining software that can be used for both cpu and gpu mining and as the name suggests it is used to mine monero (XMR), it is available on both Linux and Windows and is open source so that’s a bonus.

And that’s it, with the right tools and know how, you should be able to avoid common beginner mistakes. Be smart and don’t cloud mine something that’s a scam!

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