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Everyone, welcome back .In today’s blog We’ll be having a look at what exactly is wing. This is the wing finance token, the ticker symbol is just known as wing and the price is 10. 52 USD in the last 24 hours it’s gone down by 7.87 percent. That’s incredible the circulating supply is 2,784,784 WING coins and a max. supply of 5,000,000 WING coins, it’s incredibly low as a supply basically this allows the token to go up in price quite dramatically quite by a lot without a lot of money being injected into the blockchain into the finance of this crypto whatever cryptos that have low supply they’re quite easy to trigger a huge price movement and whether that’s buying in or selling it still triggers a huge price movement.

Quick Introduction To Wing Finance

 Wing is built as a decentralized finance platform to support cross-chain collaborative interactions between various d5 products combining the platform decentralized governance model. The risk control mechanism introduced by wing promotes a healthy benign relationship between borrowers creditors and governors benign relationship between borrowers creditors and guarantors, allowing the implementation of a wider range of d5 plans on the platform. Thus providing users with more d5 products wingers showcase an innovative credit valuation model as a strong support for d5 credit products on the wing platform. 

Now, let’s have a look at the wing token specifically: this is a governance token of the platform and it’s currently 10.59 it literally just fluctuate by a lot, and that’s all it takes it doesn’t take a lot of money to go into the market to move the money and the price it takes a small amount of money to be injected into this market, to move the price so on the government’s token it’s used for voting and it’s used to determine the outcome of wing improvement proposals.

Wing finance can also be staked in wings insurance pool to provide security insurance to protocols suppliers stakers can earn stake in rewards from the protocol.

How High Could The Price Go Potentially: 

The last year you gotta understand the price has been a lot higher it’s been a 26 in the last year and this was in august last year, we’re almost in argus once again next month is june next month is july month after that is august we’re almost there once again. So now the price of wing is above 10. We can easily see it get to 15 20 and possibly even back to 26 before the end of this year, with the help of another bull run the market is in a huge dip right now, but to see a huge recovery from wing protocol is absolutely incredible you got to keep in mind, it wasn’t too long ago that the price was 2.27, it was incredibly cheap ,and you know what people starting to realize even yesterday.

 the price was just below even yesterday the price was just around four dollars and 10 cents, as you can see people started to realize and they started to inject a lot of money into the market, because they realized there was a lot of money to be made because this is a cryptocurrency with an extremely low supply it doesn’t take a lot to move.

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